River Thames Evening Walk


The River Thames Evening Walk is a chance to see a different face of the river. The atmosphere is different in the dark, the lights and the reflections. This has always been the case, but now much more so thanks to the Illuminated River Project.

The Illuminated River Project is an art installation on the grand scale. It is actually the bridges that are illuminated, and the river carries the reflections. The whole project has been designed by artist Leo Villareal, and is privately financed. The project stretches from the City all the way upstream to the Albert Bridge.  This River Thames Evening Walk covers the bridges of the City:

  • London Bridge
  • Canon Street Railway Bridge
  • Southwark Bridge
  • Millennium Bridge

Booking the River Thames Evening Walk

You can book the City Guides walk to see the Illuminated River Project on Tuesday evenings until the end of March. The guides take turns, so if you want to do it with me, Mike Daly, be sure to book on the 27th February or 5th March. I’d be delighted to see you, and the other guides are all great on the other dates too!

Book the Illuminated River walking tour on Eventbrite here


You can book tickets for the City Guides Illuminated River walk on Tuesday evenings in the winter season. We do this walk from autmn to spring as we need darkness to appreciate the illuminations and summer evenings are too bright.

Or if you can’t make it on a Tuesday evening, contact me for a private tour and I’ll be happy to arrange a date to suit you.

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