The Great Fire of London

In 1666 the City of London caught fire. The buildings were tinder dry, and a fierce wind was blowing. It blew the flames into an unstoppable raging fire storm. Thousands of houses burnt down, along with churches, businesses, livery halls and  public buildings. The City was laid waste. This event was so catastrophic it quickly became know as the Great Fire of London.

  • Who started the Fire of London?

    Ruined church of St Dunstan in the East, City of London
  • Was anyone punished for it?
  • Why did it spread so fast?
  • Did anyone try to put the fire out?
  • What happened to all the people?
  • Were lots of Londoners killed?

Great Fire of London – the walk

This walk takes about 90 minutes and will lead you from the start of the Great Fire to where it ended. Along the way we’ll look at the Monument to the  Great Fire of London. It’s an indication of how enormous the event was that it’s known simply as The Monument. We’ll see the streets where it happened, find out what the people did, and see the smallest public sculpture in the City.

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